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MY-Store Limited owns a group of Internet Shops in which products are focused to serve particular markets or personal interests, for example, Sports, Lifestyle, and Personal Entertainment. Operating our stores through the internet, we aim to become a truly global company by serving customers from every corner of the world.

MY Philosophy

MY philosophy is simple -- to add colours to everyone's life. Bright colours appear most outstanding against a black background, which is how we designed our logo. Though life can be dull at times, a spot of bright colour can make the whole picture beautiful and meaningful again.

MY Dream

MY dream is simple -- to have a name that is known and recognised by everyone on Earth, from generation to generation. Keep dreaming....? We know our road ahead is not so simple. A journey may have no end, but all journeys have beginnings, the first step. By keeping our philosophy simple, and our mind focused, we believe we can walk a colourful and impressive journey with all of you, till the end of time.

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